Meet The Founders

Paulina Allure 

Elizabeth and Paulina bring over six years of experience to the beauty industry as a team. They both have teaching experience at make up school in New York City, sharing their beauty knowledge with those who share the same interests. They are passionate about helping women draw out their natural beauty by customizing the make up application, as well as a hair style to each woman's unique features. Whether you want something natural, to bold and glamorous or something in between, Beauty Icon team is able to give you the long lasting look you've dreamt about your whole life. From the moment their is communication, our team wants to hear your ideas so we can come up with the perfect look for you and make your bridal dreams come true!

Elizabeth Ray


  • We provide full service for you! No need to worry about hiring different vendors for hair and makeup because we do it all. 

  • We provide hair and makeup, nails, lashes and facials for parties of any size, small or large.

  • We travel to you, no matter how far.

  • We help you pick out the perfect makeup look and hairstyle that enhances your unique features.

  • We keep things calm and fun on your special day, ensuring that you feel beautiful!

  • We are the only ones who provide a beauty calendar which includes all the services you booked with us specifically just for you.